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Make the Most of Your Trees with Fall Pruning

There’s more to properly pruning your trees than simply lopping off the branches you don’t like and snipping the leaves that look bad. The timing and method behind your approach should depend on your priorities. Since fall isn’t the best time to prune trees to stimulate future growth, work during this season should focus on […]

Summer Tree Trimming: Tips for a Perfectly Pruned Aesthetic

Professional man on a ladder pruning in winter

Taking care of trees during the summer is an important part of maintaining a healthy, attractive landscape. Proper pruning and maintenance can keep your trees safe and looking great. Below is how to shape trees for aesthetic appeal. Prune Branches With a V-Shaped Crotch When trimming a tree, always look for the crotch (the area […]

What Trees Need in the Spring

Little boy watering small tree after planting it in park

Spring is a time of renewal for trees as they come out of dormancy and grow again. During this period, trees have specific needs that must be met for them to thrive. In this article, we will discuss the things trees need in the spring. Sunlight One of the most important things trees need in […]