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Summer Tree Trimming: Tips for a Perfectly Pruned Aesthetic

Taking care of trees during the summer is an important part of maintaining a healthy, attractive landscape. Proper pruning and maintenance can keep your trees safe and looking great. Below is how to shape trees for aesthetic appeal.

Prune Branches With a V-Shaped Crotch

When trimming a tree, always look for the crotch (the area where two branches meet) of each branch. Ensure you prune with a V-shaped crotch, which is the strongest growing point. To create a V-shaped crotch, prune the branch at an angle, with the lowest point at least 6 inches from the trunk. This will ensure that your tree’s branches will be strong and less likely to break in strong winds. Since this is the strongest growing point, it can also help to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape for your tree.

Trim Dead Branches and Crossing Branches

It’s important to routinely trim dead branches and crossing branches to keep your tree looking healthy. Dead branches can lead to disease and also be a safety hazard. Crossing branches can create weak spots and prevent the tree from growing evenly. Make sure that you only trim branches that are dead or crossing.

For crossing branches, start by pruning the smaller branch and work your way up to the larger one. This will help to reduce stress on the tree. Remember to avoid over pruning, which can lead to poor tree health.

Trim Uneven Branches

If your tree has branches that are lopsided or growing at strange angles, you can trim them to create a more symmetrical look. Make sure to use the same pruning techniques for other branches, but remember that these branches may need more attention. Start trimming the smaller branches and gradually work your way up to the larger ones. This will help to create a more consistent look.

If you notice any branches rubbing against each other, you can also use pruning shears to trim these back. Be sure to leave enough of the branch so that the tree can continue growing.

Prune Away Weak or Overgrown Branches

A tree may have a few weak branches that should be pruned away to keep it healthy and strong. Additionally, if your tree has any branches that are overgrown or misshapen, you can prune them to help maintain their shape. Use proper pruning techniques for these branches, and avoid over cutting too close to the trunk. When cut too close, the tree may be unable to support new growth.

When trimming your trees during the summer months, using the right pruning techniques is important to keep your trees healthy and look great. If you lack the knowledge or experience to prune your trees properly, reach out to a professional service for help. Contact AAA Mammoth Tree & Landscaping in Tucson, AZ for all of your tree trimming and pruning needs for a healthy and attractive landscape.