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Make the Most of Your Trees with Fall Pruning

There’s more to properly pruning your trees than simply lopping off the branches you don’t like and snipping the leaves that look bad. The timing and method behind your approach should depend on your priorities. Since fall isn’t the best time to prune trees to stimulate future growth, work during this season should focus on ensuring personal safety and on preparing trees for the winter.

Remove Dead or Dying Growth

Fall is a good time to take care of landscaping hazards before the days get shorter and the winter’s colder temperatures harden the ground. Any kind of dead or dying tree should be among the first things to go. This includes anything from the remaining stump of an old tree that was removed earlier this year to the diseased pine in the back that slipped past the point of no return. Winter weather, especially snow and ice accumulation, can bring bad trees or branches down at the worst possible time if you don’t take care of them now.

Take a Second Look at Your Trees

As leaves start to turn and come down, the thinning foliage makes it easier to spot signs of damage, disease, or unhealthy growth. This makes it the perfect season to take a look at all the trees on your property, or at least check up on the ones near your home. Look for any signs of pest infestation or diseases, which may appear as localized discoloration, patches of dead leaves, and other malformations.

Waiting for Winter

The very end of fall and the beginning of winter is usually the best time to do serious pruning. Waiting for mature trees to enter the dormant part of their annual cycle before cutting into them reduces the chances of an inopportune and unseasonal growth response. Many arborists and gardeners wait until January or February for any pruning and trimming work besides emergencies.

Get Innovative and Professional Solutions

There are a lot of ways that pruning can benefit you and your trees, but there are also a lot of ways it can do harm. Understanding the proper timing and scope of growth management demands professional experience and insight. Consider relying on a seasoned expert before making a move that may be irreversible.

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