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How Professionals Avoid Common Tree Removal Accidents

Tree removal is often a necessary part of professional home maintenance and landscaping, but it can be an extremely dangerous job. That’s where professional tree removal experts come in. These professionals are trained to evaluate the risks and take extra precautions when removing trees. Here are some of the key steps they take to ensure safe tree removal.

Assessing the Environment

Removing a tree from its environment requires careful assessment of the area in order to determine the best and safest way to get it out. Professional tree removal experts take into account such factors as soil conditions, surrounding structures, weather, and potential hazards like power lines. From there, they can determine the safest way to proceed with removal.

Surveying the Tree

Before they can begin the removal process, professionals must get a clear picture of how the tree is constructed and how it’s connected to its environment. This includes checking for signs of decay or disease that could weaken branches as well as noting any potential hazards like nests or dead branches. They must also pay close attention to the direction in which the tree is leaning as this determines the type of equipment they will need and the best way to cut it. If a tree’s roots are damaged, professionals must make a note of this, too. This can affect how the tree should be removed.

Blocking Off the Area

To ensure that they, their colleagues, and any bystanders remain safe during the removal process, professionals always set up barriers to block off the area. This includes controlling the flow of traffic around the job site as well as using ropes and flags to indicate where trees or large branches will be falling.

Using Appropriate Safety Gear

Tree removal experts take their own safety seriously and always use the right protective gear when on the job. This includes hard hats, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, and ear plugs to protect against flying debris and harmful noise levels. Tree service companies also carry liability insurance to protect their crew.

Communicating Clearly

As the tree removal process commences, each member of the team must communicate with each other clearly and consistently. Professionals use hand signals, radios, and straightforward verbal communication to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the job.

Despite the built-in risks of tree removal, most accidents can be avoided with the right precautions. That’s why it’s important to trust the job to experienced professionals who know how to safely and effectively remove trees. If you need a tree removed from your property in Tucson, AZ, contact AAA Mammoth Tree & Landscaping to schedule an tree removal appointment today.