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7 Safety Tips For Decorating Trees For The Holidays

Decorating trees for the holidays is one of the most anticipated activities of the season. Adhering to certain safety tips, such as the ones below, can allow you to beautifully decorate your Christmas tree while still keeping your home and family safe.

1. Choose a High-Quality Tree

A high-quality tree shouldn’t look and feel like it’s already dried out, making it a potential fire hazard before you even bring it home. Look for Christmas trees that are in good health. If you’re unsure how to choose the best one, ask for staff advice.

When you bring it inside, make sure you water it daily. It’s an important task to do as the indoor heat can easily dry out the tree. A good way to remember to do it every day is to set an alarm on your phone for a time when you know you will be at home and awake.

2. Don’t Overload Your Power Strip

Just because a power strip has multiple spaces for plugs doesn’t mean you should fill up all of them. Wattage plays an important part in how many can be in there at one time, so before you plug anything in, check how much wattage the power strip can safely accept and compare that to the individual items you want to plug in.

3. Use a Christmas Tree Alarm

Many Christmas tree alarms look just like little ornaments, but they’ll notify you if they detect heat. Many options and styles are available, so choose the one that best suits your tree’s style.

4. Use Lights and Cords That Aren’t Damaged

Using lights and cords that are damaged while you’re decorating a Christmas tree is a potential fire hazard in the making. If you’re one of the many people who reuse the same lights and cords every year, it’s even more important that you check everything over before plugging them in. While you’re vacuuming, you also want to make sure the device doesn’t go anywhere near the cords and potentially damage them.

5. Avoid Putting up and Decorating the Tree Alone

It might seem easy enough to decorate a Christmas tree by yourself, but accidents could happen, so it’s better to enlist the help of a loved one. For example, if you need to climb a ladder to put a star on the top, they can hold the ladder and make sure it stays steady. It’s better to take precautions while decorating than to wish later on that you did.

6. Unplug the Tree When You’re Not Around

Never leave a tree plugged in while you’re sleeping or not at home. It might be tempting to fall asleep with the tree lights on or want to come home to them every day, but if something goes wrong, no one will be there or awake to know.

7. Don’t Put Trees Near Heat Sources

Candles, fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, and any other heat source should be far from your Christmas tree. All it takes is one accidental spark or excessive heat for the tree to go up in flames.

The previously mentioned tips might seem excessive, but you’ll be happy you did them when you and your family safely make it through the season. Schedule an appointment with AAA Mammoth Tree & Landscaping in Tucson, AZ when you need your commercial or residential property cleaned up in time for Christmas. Our expert team is available for regular appointments and emergency services.