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Why Pruning Is Important for Safety and Wind Resistance

As a property owner, pruning is an important part of fulfilling your duty of care. Pruning trees is an opportunity to eliminate broken, weak, or dying branches and limbs before they come crashing down unexpectedly. You avoid costly property damages and potentially fatal physical injuries by maintaining a diligent trimming and pruning schedule.

However, pruning service is also a critical step in storm-proofing the trees on your grounds. With the right tree-trimming strategies, we can make your trees more resistant to inclement weather and less likely to cause harm. Read on to find out how this vital storm preparedness measure can keep your trees in optimum condition year-round.

Eliminates Dense Canopies

Trees are often at their loveliest when their canopies are densely packed with bright green or multi-colored foliage. However, densely packed canopies act like sails in strong winds. During a storm, fast-moving winds could result in movement that causes problems all the way down to the lowest portion of each tree’s trunk.

During pre-storm tree trimming, we thin heavy foliage out. We also check for and eliminate broken and sickly branches and reduce co-dominant stems that are prone by nature to breakage.

Checks the Integrity of Young Trees and New Plantings

With yearly storm seasons, there’s never a time to plant new trees without subjecting them to strong winds during their formative stages and greatest vulnerability. Pruning gives arborists a chance to check the integrity of new plantings before major challenges arise. We can prune branches that are unlikely to hold up in strong winds and implement one or more stabilizing measures.

Identifies Injuries, Diseases, Infestations, and Other Problems

Even if your trees lack dense canopies and visibly weak limbs, they may have problems that are affecting their health integrity. Finding and addressing these issues early on leads to better prognoses for trees and better outcomes overall. Things like root damage, branch and trunk injuries, developing diseases, and pest infestations can leave trees unfit to weather storms or leave them in dire need of special assistance. Implementing early interventions before the storm season arrives could mean the difference between keeping your trees around and having them uprooted.

Your Roof May Depend on It

When it comes to tree safety during storms, people often think of passersby and parked cars as being the most likely victims of falling branches. However, taking care of your trees now to ensure their stability and health is also an essential part of protecting your roof. Weak and dying trees that get uprooted or break near their base can destroy residential roofs entirely. Even hard-hitting, heavy branches and limbs can dislodge shingles, tear flashing, and damage roof underlayment and rough framing. If you have trees that tower over your roof or directly abut the building, scheduling tree trimming service could spare you thousands of dollars in post-storm repairs.

Pruning also minimizes the amount of work that gutters have to do. Taking down branches and twigs that are bound to break off during a storm will keep these things from clogging your rooftop drainage system. Without pre-storm pruning services, your gutters could become so heavy with debris that they overflow or detach from the building.

In storm season, strong winds can wreak havoc on your home, but they don’t have to. Contact AAA Mammoth Tree & Landscaping today to schedule trimming and pruning service in Tucson, AZ.