I would make this 5 stars based on the work today. The crew with the owner, Daniel, showed up this morning and began work on a massive mesquite tree. I had gotten other bids on the job, but what I liked about Daniel was that he looked at the tree trimming with an eye for keeping the integrity and balance of the tree rather than just hacking it off. Their price was very reasonable for the amount of work they did. They used equipment that enabled them to make clean cuts.

That being said, the way they cut the tree has now taken the late afternoon shade away from the west side. Now the late afternoon sun is blasting right into the front of my house and living room. I voiced this concern to Daniel, but I’m not sure he understood. Anyway, too late now. I can only hope that it will grow enough foliage to create the shade I now sorely miss. For this aspect I would rate them 4 stars.

They also took out the mistletoe from two other mesquites and removed two Sumac trees. They cleaned off all the debris that was embedded between the tiles of my roof and cleaned up the grounds thoroughly. The experience was positive and I would definitely call them back for future tree trimming. After receiving the quote, I was concerned about using them because the owner did not call me back for a week after I said I wanted to have them do the job.

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Mona V. Sahuarita, AZ