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A large oak tree falls on a small house during a summer storm, caving in the roof and room under it.

5 Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Service

Trees are beautiful and essential to our environment, providing fresh air and shade. Trees can also risk our safety, property, and the environment if they are not properly maintained or become damaged or diseased. A tree may require emergency services to address an immediate threat or danger. Emergency tree services are called upon when trees seriously threaten life or property.

1. A Tree Has Fallen on Your Property

Trees are prone to falling during high winds or due to disease and weather conditions. The initial response to a tree falling on your property should be to determine if there are any injuries or other hazards. You should consider calling emergency tree services if the tree has fallen over a structure or other relevant property and is in the middle of an active roadway.

2. A Tree Has Been Affected By a Dormant Rot or Decay Problem

Deadwood and the effects of rot and decay pose an immediate threat to a tree’s structural integrity. The trunk is weakened by disease, decay, or insect damage and may snap if it experiences any sudden load, such as strong winds or heavy snow. Emergency tree services will be necessary if a tree has become damaged over time by rot or decay.

3. If a Tree Is Blocking a Roadway or Posing a Danger to Public Safety

Trees are dangerous to vehicles and pedestrians if they block roadways, becoming obstacles to vehicles. Many municipalities have strict laws and requirements on the maintenance of trees, including street trees. If a tree is in the wrong location for safety or public use, it should be trimmed or removed by an emergency tree service provider as soon as possible.

4. A Tree Has Been Affected by an Insect or Pest Problem

Insects and pests cause damage to tree stems and branches. Tree owners can protect their trees and the environment by removing affected trees from the area to prevent further damage and spread. Dead insects should be removed with tweezers or tools, not simply spraying insecticides on the tree. With the help of an emergency tree service, you can remove the infested tree and prevent further damage to other properties.

5. Your Tree Is Dying or Declining Rapidly

Trees can survive for decades, but eventually, they will become diseased and decline. Trees are susceptible to various illnesses and diseases and may need emergency services to address the situation. Emergency tree services will be necessary if a tree is dying or declining quickly.

It is essential to address potential tree emergencies as soon as possible. Keeping a check on your trees will help to prevent damage and decay in the long run. If your tree is not in good health, consult an expert who can provide you with relevant information and honest advice. If an emergency occurs in Tucson, AZ, contact AAA Mammoth Tree & Landscaping and get quality emergency tree services.